vasthi ayurvedic treatment

Vasthi Ayurvedic Treatment In Kerala

Vasthi ayurvedic treatment compared to medicated enema is a treatment modality in ayurveda treatments. Its is listed as one of the Panchakarma treatments in kerala. Vasthi is instillation of the medication through the anal route. This is commonly done after the purification therapies. Vasthi is said to be the half of all the treatments, ie if vasthi is done it provides a full nourishment to the body, it covers 50% of the treatments, it is considered as the best among all the treatments. Vastikarma is the procedure by which the medicines in suspension form are administered through rectum or genitourinary tract using Vastiyantra. It is the most important procedure among Panchakarma procedures and the most appropriate remedial measure for Vatadosha. Vasthi, authentic Aryuveda treatment is done for many diseases. Head, face and central nervous system related diseases are usually and normally given this treatment. Vasthi treatment process is activated when the therapeutic properties of the medicated oil acts on the person’s brains tuning the central and autonomous nervous system. The medicinal effects of the combination are received by the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and the sympathetic nerves. The central nervous system gets the relieving effect from stress and other stress related ailments.

A miraculous treatment, considered as half of the treatment procedure. Including vaitharana vasthi, rajayapana vasthi, madhu thailika vasthi, kseera vasthi, kshara vasthi, anuvasana vasthi, nirooha vasthi and uthara vasthi. And externally kati vasthi, greeva vasthi, shiro vasthi, prishta vasthi. Vasthi can either be in a small dose or in a larger dose. For different diseases vasthi will be selected differently. Patient is kept in left lateral position where left leg is straightened and right leg is flexed and after oleation and sedation to the abdomen the luke warm liquid is instilled through the anus. Depending upon the nature of the drug infused it may be retained or let out from the abdomen. Our hospital provides Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in kerala and Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain in Kerala.

Mathra Vasthi

 In this the medicated oil is made luke warm and is infused through the rectal route, its to be retained for some time.

Kashaya Vasthi

In this, a particular amount of the vasthi dravya is taken it may vary according to the type and nature of vasthi