multiple sclerosis cure treatment

Multiple sclerosis cure in Ayurveda

Vinayaka Ayurvedic Hospital in Thrissur has best facilities to analyze the source of Multiple sclerosis cure treatment. The doctors of Vinayaka Ayurvedic will examine the patients to understand their problem and accordingly determine best suitable Ayurveda treatment for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis or MS is a disease in which the insulation of the nerve cell fibers of the brain and spinal cord are destroyed, inflicting varied disturbances of the central nervous system. Whether the disease is autoimmune or inflammatory is continues to be debated. The word ‘sclerosis’ suggests that hardening. In this disease, structures like nerve fibers start losing their flexibility and become hard. So is the name multiple sclerosis. Disease usually begins within the half of life and this is more common among women. Multiple Sclerosis treatment in Ayurveda works on multiple aspects which includes strengthening the nerves as well as the psychological factors.

Several factors are beneath scanner for possibly causing MS, but none of them has been established because the reason behind the cause of the disease. Heredity, infections, smoking, alcoholism, mental stress etc. are few such factors whose causative relationship with MS is being studied but not yet established.
Problems in speech
Difficulty in swallowing
Loss of control
Pain in nerves
Weakness in muscles
Urinary incontinence
Diarrhea or constipation
Recurrent facial palsy

Multiple sclerosis cure treatment
Elimination of the toxins from the tissues and prevention of the toxins from being accumulated through enhancements in metabolism and digestion is that the main aim of ayurvedic treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Aloe Vera gel or Aloe vera juice is used for the detoxifying method and improving the metabolism of the patient suffering from multiple sclerosis. Moreover, natural vitamins and minerals present in Aloe vera strengthen the immune system.
Green Tea contains a large potential in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. A major element of green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate (or ECGG). This has been found to inhibit T cells- immune cells that attack their own tissue.
An important part of ayurvedic treatment in tackling MS is stress reduction therapies. Daily massage using herbal oils provides a soothing result to the nervous system. The motion of massage creates heat and friction which in turn enhances circulation within the body. This herbal remedy cleanses and nourishes the tissues thereby speeding up the method of tissue development and repair.
Multiple Sclerosis may be aggravated because of improper diet. Some foods can make Vata very active and exacerbate multiple sclerosis symptoms. Therefore, a diet of fruit and vegetables is suggested by some ayurvedic experts as part of ayurvedic remedy for multiple sclerosis.
Common ayurvedic remedy for treatment of MS includes herbs like Avena Sativa, lavandula angustifolia, passiflora incarnata, melissa officinalis .
Counseling also can relieve emotional stress. Psychological support is vital for MS patients to maintain a positive outlook and prevent feelings of hopelessness.

Multiple sclerosis cure treatment takes a comprehensive approach in natural health care to get rid of the imbalances in the body. There are other complementary therapies which will facilitate to scale back the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These include homeopathy, acupuncture and acupressure. It is also important to incorporate lifestyle changes like healthy diet, exercise and proper rest as much as possible in order to deal with the problem of multiple sclerosis.