agnikarma treatment in ayurveda


Karnapurana is a combination of 2 words. Karna which means ear and Purana means filling. In this procedure Karna or ear is filled with luke warm oil for a span of time. Generally it is done for the purification of ear and ear canal. Patient is kept in a particular position and the luke warm oil, selected after considering the disease condition is poured into the ears drop by drop. The dose too will be decided according to the severity of disease. In some conditions small doses are also instilled. It is  also done as a pro operative treatment for some main procedures like shirodhara, pizhichil, nasyam, shiropichu, shirovasthi etc, so that oleation is administered to all the dwaras of the body while doing these procedures.

A thorough head massage is the first step in preparing for this treatment. Then the outer ear canal is filled with highly effective oils that have been warmed just to body temperature. The senses are able to unwind and enjoy total relaxation. While the oil seeps in, the ears receive a gentle massage at specific points. Karnapurana is an excellent Ayurveda treatment to lessen nervous tension, and it may also be prescribed for ear ache, tinnitus, difficulties of hearing, and toothache.

Its indicated in all ear related disorders, migraine, Meniers disease, Swimmer’s disease etc. After the procedure patient should not be exposed to cold wind or cold climate. The ear is one among the five sense organs that is seldom cared for. It is very important to keep it sharp and the best way to do that is to do abhyanga daily. When the condition is chronic, then one of the best treatment to do with panchakarma is Karnapooranam. This soothing therapy gives clarity to the sound and help heal the long term effects of negligence.