gandoosha ayurvedic treatment

Gandoosha and Kabala Ayurvedic Treatments

Gandoosha ayurvedic treatment is the process in which the medicated liquid, either an oil or decotion or any material which is medicated, is stored in the oral cavity for a particular period of time and is released out when proper swedana is attained over forehead and after this nasal secretions will be started, and feels like a disturbance or pain in the jaws.This is a procedure which is done mainly after nasya in daily practice, which helps in phlegm removal. After nasya hot water is used to gargle so that the kapha vilayana or removal of phlegm will be easier. It can also be done as a seperate treatment modality and is done at our ayurveda hospitals in thrissur, in almost all oral cavity disorders kabala and gandoosha can be done.  Kabala or kabalagraha is the process in which the medicated oil or decotion or the medicated material is allowed to stay in the mouth and is moved up and down or to the sides, that is just gargling of the medicated material. Its spit out after a particular period of time.

Its indicated in all oral cavity disorders like bleeding gums, toothache,etc. There is a wide variety of diseases that can be prevented by using Ayurveda alone. The tooth pastes today have little to offer in case of health of the teeth apart from cleaning it. Ayurveda has many treatments for the teeth, gums and the oral cavity diseases as a whole. Chief among them are the Gandoosha and Kabala that are very useful in combating the diseases of the mouth. Good for lips, keeps them moist and does not allow ‘cracking’. Gandhoosha is also very good for teeth and gums. It is very beneficial for the maintenance of voice which is so important to singers and the speakers. It could be practiced by teachers who have to speak hours during the day.