ayurveda agnikarma treatment

Agnikarma Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda Agnikarma Treatment is one of the generalized therapeutic ayurvedic treatment in kerala. which can be useful in various disorders and also at an emergency. Although there are other procedures having similarities with Agnikarma, they can be considered the same as Agnikarma, which are doing for some particular conditions. Vinayaka Ayurvedic hospital in thrissur, offer authentic agnikarma treatment for Severe pain caused by muscles, veins, ligaments, bony joints and bones.

What is Ayurveda Agnikarma  Treatment
Agnikarma is a thermal, minimally invasive parasurgical procedure for all kinds of pain. This involves the creation of controlled, pointed, therapeutic burns over the most tender part of the painful region.
Therapeutic burns are created using these metal rods, based on the specialist knowledge in a number of areas including the kind of disorder, the constitution of the patient, severity of the disorder, etc.
What are all the conditions treated with Agnikarma?

Severe pain caused by Vata within the skin, muscles, veins, ligaments, bony joints and bones

Ulcer with fleshy growths which are elevated, hard and without sensation

Tumours, haemorrhoids, fistula in ano, glands in neck

Filariasis, warts on skin, moles, hernia, tearing of the joints and veins, sinus, profuse haemorrhages

Proper instrumentation
The Roga and Rogi Pariksha should be conduct properly for the correct diagnosis and for identifying the structures involved in the condition
The Agnikarma room should be well prepared with all required medicines and instruments

Prepare Triphala Kashaya for Prakshalana of the local part of patient.
Yashtimadhu Churna, small pieces of Kumari Patra, Plota (gauze piece), Pichu (cotton), and Agni Srotas, Shalakas etc. are kept ready for use
The Shalaka is heated up to become red hot on fire.
To make patient fit for Agnikarma
Agnikarma is contraindicated in the people who have Pitta predominant Prakriti.

How Its work

Pain is an entity caused mainly due to abnormal Vata Dosha. Agnikarma acts directly on Vata Kapha Dosha mitigating the causative factor of pain. Thus, pain is reduced considerably with lowest repeat rates. Agnikarma is performed by a special pointed metallic instrument known as Shalaka. This is heated and applied on the most tender points marked with a marker. As per research on Agnikarma, there is a transfer of heat energy (Proton-neutron-electron theory). Apart from this, the subsequent native effects may be seen such as:
Improves local blood circulation
Stimulation of regional nerves
Increases tissue metabolism
Decreases infection
Stimulation of local inflammatory response(temporarily)
Reduces joint stiffness
Muscle relaxation