Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment

Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment – Skin care package

Ayurveda, with its holistic approach places much importance in the upkeep and maintenance of an individual in all aspects. Healthy Skin, Hair and Teeth reflect a perfectly balanced Doshic status and smooth functioning of the Digestive fire (Jataragni). Healthy skin especially indicates perfect metabolism, in Ayurvedic parlance, ideal Dhatuparinama, inside the human body. While correcting the internal environment is the forte of Panchakarma procedures, the external upkeep has been detailed in Classic Ayurvedic Literature under Daily and Seasonal Regimens. At our hospital we have tapped into this ancient knowledge to deliver the best Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment to our precious clients. Cosmetic issues like pigmentation, acne, hypersensitivity of skin, hair growth etc will be appropriately addressed through treatments, food and lifestyle consultation.

Which type of skin do you have ?

Initially, the treatment will be planned according to the skin type of the person. A person’s skin type is primarily decided by his Prakriti or Body Constituition. The three Doshas in various combinations give rise to different skin types. Vata type of skin is  dry, generally cool to the touch and thin. Pitta type of skin looks ruddy and warm to touch(That is sensitive skin).  Kapha type of skin is oily, that which is greasy, thick and has high tolerance to the sun.

Some persons skin type may change because of the external factors such as climate, lifestyle changes or environmental pollution. While choosing a skin care program, these things will be taken into account. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment :

  • Restores balance between body and mind.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Provide rejuvenation.
  • Enhancing metabolic activities.

Our Ayurveda Treatment in Thrissur provides 4 week Package for 98,600 INR.

The treatment will be decided by our Physician after  thorough check up and considering physical condition of the patient.

The rates are not inclusive of food and accommodation charges.


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