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Back Pain treatment in Kerala – Detox Package

Ayurveda aims to improve good health and well being. This form of alternative healing is considered effective in curing a number of diseases like knee pain, piles, fissure & back pain treatment in Kerala. Ayurveda medicines cure a variety of ailments like asthma, hyperacidity, diabetes, constipation, gastritis, heartburns, hypertension, cholesterol problems, liver ailments.

According to Ayurveda, we gather toxins everyday; these disrupt the balance in the doshas. Pollution, lifestyle habits etc has riddled our body with toxins and this is the maintenance for the body machine. Kerala Ayurveda has developed a detoxification treatment which helps the body to expel harmful radicals. The detox package of ayurvedic treatment in Kerala will help to prevent diseases and remove toxins from your body and attain health and vigor.  In this busy and stressful lifestyle, our body accumulates harmful toxins that cause deterioration in our normal health. These toxins gradually weaken our organs and slow down the normal functioning. Unless we give our bodies a cleansing routine, these toxins will lead to harmful diseases including degenerative diseases.

 During detoxification, several treatments such as Pizhichil, Synchronized massage, Pathrapotala swedam, Njavarakizhi, Choorna swedam that lubricate the body channels and loosen the toxins accumulated in the body. Then it is eliminated using herbal enemas and ayurvedic medicines. This detox treatment is best to cure digestive problems, prevent diseases, manage life-style disorders and feel physically and mentally good and energetic. A complete home ayurvedic detoxification package involves three phases.

  • Preparation
  • Cleansing
  • Post-cleansing

Detox is particularly recommended to do in each spring, because in the spring season, your body’s natural cleansing and rejuvenating mechanisms kick into high gear in tune with all of nature.

Avail the best treatment packages from the providers of Ayurvedic back pain treatment in Kerala.

14 Days Package – 34,800 INR

21 Days Package – 52900 INR

Note: All treatments will be decided by an Ayurvedic physician according to your condition.

The rates are not inclusive of food and accommodation charges.


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