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Panchakarma embody the prime treatment modalities of Ayurveda namely VAMANA (emesis), VIRECHANA (purgation), VASTI (medicated enema), NASYA (nasal instillation) and RAKTAMOKSHA (controlled blood-letting).These aid in elimination or propitiation of the doshas and dhatus residing in an unbalanced manner in the body. Especially with regard to chronic debilitating disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Ayurvedic treatment particulary the Panchakarma are a boon in its management, since the treatment strikes at the root of the cause, the metabolism of the individual. Removal of the corrupt doshas and restoration of the digestive fire (Jataragni) is an essential approach to rectify these disorders.
Periodic Panchakarma treatment also ensures optimal health status of an individual. It aids in cleansing, both external and internal, thereby restoring vigor and vitality to the body. It eliminates toxins (dooshi visha) that accumulate in the body and hence retards the ageing process. It boosts your immunity and reverses the effects of stress and strain on the body and mind. By enhancing a person’s strength, energy, vitatlity, mental clarity and acuity, it brings about deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

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The term ‘Kaya’ means Agni and this branch of Ayurveda deals with the protection and maintenance of the digestive fire. This Jataragni (digestive fire) or energy of metabolism is revered as the Lord himself, as the ultimate seat of health in an individual. Kayachikitsa, approximately translates to general medicine and this department is efficiently handled by Dr. P. V. Prasanna.
Kaya kalpa is a concept that belongs to this department. It literally means renewal of the body in every aspect. Rasayana therapy, an exclusive approach of Ayurveda is the treatment modality adopted. The body is composed of the saptadhatus namely Rasa (chyle), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Medas (Fat) Asthi (Bone) and Sukra (Reproductive elements). To prolong the youthfulness and vitality of the body, several mental and physical disciplinary processes along with specific medicinal preparations are administered for repairing basic wear and tear, and generating renewal and growth of new cells and tissues. This therapy may be applied only after initial detoxification of the body through Panchakarma procedures.
Kayaseka or ‘Pizhichil’ needs special mention in this context. It is a modified form of Parisheka sweda developed as a specialty in Kerala. It is a process in which warm medicated liquid is made to fall in streams of regulated pressure and height over the body for a stipulated time period. The body perspires in the process and it is a highly effective treatment in itself, or maybe employed as a preparatory procedure

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Yoga, the term is term is derived from its Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ which means to Connect, Join or Balance. There are many definitions of Yoga pertaining to different levels of existence and awareness. At the physical level, it is the most effective tool to harmonize the functions of different organs, muscles and nerves so that they do not hamper or oppose each other. Disharmony in various body parts and systems brings about inefficiency and lethargy or clumsiness which manifests as diseases in the body. Our in-house expert can advise you on the postures and breathing exercises conducive to your specific disease condition and health. Diet plans based on Ayurvedic principles, tailor made to a person’s Prakriti and health status are made available to our patients for their sustained well-being.

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‘Prasoota’ in Sanskrit denotes a just delivered and nursing mother. This department deals with Obstetrics and Gynecological disorders. Prenatal and postnatal care for the mother and child is the forte of Ayurveda because rather than merely being a medical system, it is the science of life, and life originates in the Mother. The sexual health of the mother is given much importance, along with all the aspects of Pregnancy, Delivery and Child care like Nutrition, lifestyle modifications and medications for specific ailments during the period.
Under the able guidance of Dr. P. V. Prasanna, the department has been actively involved in conducting medical camps for spreading awareness about reproductive health and gynecological conditions in men and women. We have brought joy and happiness into the lives of many a childless couple, restoring menstrual health and quality of semen through our infertility treatments.

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The tender constitution of a child upto 14 years of age demands a specialized treatment with respect to the dose, mode of administration and stages of convalescence. Balachikitsa in Ayurveda is a well-developed branch and caters to the sensitive gut and constitution of a child. Guided by Dr P. V. Prasanna, with more than 9 years of experience as the Department Head of pediatrics at PNNM Ayurveda Medical College to her credit, we attend to the young ones with passion and expertise. Illness in children will be inevitably taxing on the parents; we strive to be with them in their time of need.

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‘Shalya’ in Ayurveda simply means a foreign body, something not native to the body in its gross or subtle form. Shalyatantra department specializes in the removal of such elements. This branch of Ayurveda reached its glory through Acharya Susruta, the father of modern Surgery, and paved the way for surgical finesse in the medical world. The stream has gained popularity due to its ability to provide quick relief and lasting results in chronic and morbid ailments like hemorrhoids, fistulae, sinuses, varicoceles etc. We have a highly skilled department with thousands of Ano-rectal surgeries to its credit. Our specialties include the following:

  • MARMA CHIKITSA – Treatment based on manipulation of the vital points of the body. Management of fracture and dislocations which have not been changed since the time of Sushrutha even by modern science. Old injuries have a way of creeping up on you unexpectedly. Ayurveda aids in their removal by the root and restoring health.
  • KSHARASOOTRA THERAPY – Diseases like Piles, Fistula, Fissure in ano, pilonidal and other sinuses etc are healed effectively and with long standing results by the application of cautery using a ksharasootra.
  • AGNIKARMA – Heat treatment, which is an effective and quick acting pain relief method in Ayurveda, ensures accelerated healing in certain conditions.
  • RAKTAMOKSHA – Controlled blood-letting practiced in Ayurveda. Widely propagated by our founder Dr. Mohan Kumar, it is the last word in pain relief with respect to conditions like varicosity, ulcerous wounds, inflammation and edema, low back ache, stroke, DVT etc. It helps is the treatment of chronic non-healing ulcers by initiating the healing process and restoring health of skin and blood. Many methods are adopted for this process including leech therapy and venipuncture.
  • KARNAVEDHANA & KARNAPALI SANDHANA – Professional piercing of the earlobe and its repair for cosmetic or ritualistic purposes is practiced at our facility.
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