Mail us ur current medical reports only after assessing the  severity of disease treatment can be planned.

Cure depends upon the severity of disease. Let us know the details  of your disease.

You have to stay here approximately for 3-4 weeks.exact course of  treatment can be told only after assessing ur body response to our  treatments.

Sure, we are preparing spl medicines for the same.Plan an  appointment with our panel of doctors.

If u are following the diet and medications and regimen as per  advice , probably it wont re occur.

I cant assure u a full cure, let us try for the better.

Sure, you can come here at the earliest.

Its not compulsory. But better to sent someone with him to avoid  further complications.

better to avoid two weelers for one year. Its better to avoid spicy foods as it may relapse ur conditions.

Let us know ur arrival details, we will make arrangements.