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Vinayaka Ayurvedic Nursing Home is the pioneering Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala to offer specialized treatment for Low Back Ache and a broad spectrum of associated disorders. Aptly named the ‘Back Bone Clinic’, we have devised effective treatment protocols for a range of Spine related disorders like Inter-Vertebral Disc Prolapse, Degenerative Disc Disorders, Spondylitis, Spondylolisthesis, trauma injury etc. With over four decades of experience to fall back on, we at Vinayaka offer the best remedies for back pain, an established name in the Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala.

Incepted by (Late) Dr. Mohan Kumar MD (Ay.) and Dr. Prasanna P. V. MD (Ay.), both visionaries in their respective specialties Shalyatantra (Surgery) and Kayachikitsa (General Medicine), we combine the best of both worlds for assured pain relief and speedy recovery. Multiple sclerosis in Ayurveda can be scaled down to a potent metabolic disorder, and we have compelling cases that stand testimony to the success in its management; symptomatic relief, prevention of relapse and arrest of progress of the disease being the essence of treatment. We have also met with similar success in the Ayurvedic management of chronic conditions like Ulcerative Colitis and its recurrence.

Acharya Susruta, the Father of Modern Surgery considered Rakta (Blood) as the fourth Dosha. Its skilled manipulation helps in the alleviation of diseases and their symptoms. Our hospital is a keen advocator of this stream of Ayurveda, and is definitely the ‘go-to’ hospital for Blood-letting treatment in Ayurveda. It ensures quick relief from pain and a speedy recovery in a number of diseases ranging from varicose veins, acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, pain and edema, to non-healing ulcers, acute low back ache, stroke and palsy. The veteran that he was, Late Dr. Mohan Kumar has left behind a legacy in the art of healing through blood-letting, in the equally competent hands of his son Dr. Shyam Mohan and daughter Dr. Smitha Mohan P. V.

Under the skilled patronage of our Chief Physician Dr. P. V. Prasanna, comprehensive treatment in the area of Maternal and Child Health Care is a given at our hospital. Irregular menstruation, bleeding disorders, Uterine fibroids, infertility treatment, and maintenance of reproductive health of the male and female partners are the key areas of focus. Koumarabhrtya or the Department of Pediatrics, is a branch of Ayurveda that has evolved with much precision over time. Having served as the HOD of the Department of Koumarabhrtya at PNNM Ayurveda College, Shorannur, she has a wealth of experience in treating physical, psychological and behavioral disorders in children.

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