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Who we are

Looking for a best hospital to get ayurvedic treatment in Kerala ? Incepted in the year 1994 by veteran and eminent physician, Prof. Dr. P. N.Mohan Kumar MD(Ay), Vinayaka Ayurvedic Nursing Home is a multi speciality Ayurveda Center in Palakkal, 7 kms away from the Town of Thrissur, Kerala. Ayurveda says that each individual's body is a separate entity with respect to the degree of various constitutions. Ayurveda is comparing human body with nature. Each body has five elements in it like nature, in varied proportions, which makes everyone unique difference in consistency in proportion of elements. According to the ayurveda maintenance and the equilibrium of five elements or a balanced state of these body constituents is health and imbalance of these elements in the system is disease. These five elements combine in pairs to form three basic functional principles called doshas(humor’s). With decades of experience, it has continued it's traditional legacy into a family owned ayurvedic nursing home working together to promote health through the ancient wisdom of ayurveda. Dr. P. V. Prassana, noted academician, physician and wife of Dr. P.N. Mohankumar, is a retired principal and a specialist in infertility, pediatrics, gynecology and general medicine. Backed by a team of eminent professionals, we have gained recognition as the first fully equipped ayurvedic clinic specialised in back pain and spine related disorders. For ayurvedic treatment for fissure, patient will kept to do some dietary & lifestyle changes along with herbal medicines. We believe in providing a holistic environment and help you attain balance between body and mind through various therapies & ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Our team of experts dwell deep into the problem and ensures the absence of harmful side effects. We strive to maintain standard by bringing in state of the art facilities to an ancient system of medicine without losing its authenticity.

our vision

Over the years, we have realised the tremendous potential of ayurveda and it’s power to cure various diseases. Our vision is to provide a healing and nurturing environment and help our patients follow the right path and discover the natural path to wellness.

our mission

Our mission is to provide a holistic wellness solution that heal ailments and help people live long, healthy and productive lives. Our team of dedicated experts seek to explore and harness this potential by providing specialized treaments, taking into account our client needs and requirements.

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